Discretion — A children’s definition project

Discretion – multiple meanings

A continuation of the definition project, using context and images to define a word.


a wisp of whisper
secret under the hata nod, a wink
keep it to yourself
under the hat,
so you think
keep your friends and your secrets ever long
by keeping discretion as a rule of thumb


B.roadmap art

good or bad
left or right
how to choose what is right

haven’t a clue what to do?
but it is all up to you

a path to forge
your own oats to sew

it is your discretion as to which way you go

Happy Birthday BigStar Creative

Cartoons, illustrations, high art, doodling, sketching, who cares what you call it. Do it. When you’re talking on the phone [assuming you still use a phone for talking], when you are taking a bath, on your iPad, use illustration to show what you are thinking. It will keep you creative and eventually, might help you nail that idea that keeps slipping away.

Heck, it might even be a career some day.

Happy Birthday illustration

happy birthday BigStar Creative