Google Privacy Gets Revamped (again) March 1

Tomorrow, March 1, 2012, Google will again change their privacy settings, greatly affecting their user’s experience. Google states that these changes are to enhance the user experience rather than to gather even more seemingly private information. There are some good ways to protect your information through some pretty minor steps. Without procrastinating, check your current Google privacy settings and get ready for the big changes tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy this great info graphic from Tony Shin on the current state of internet privacy, who collects your data, who steals it and how it is used. This might motivate you to get a move on it. You better review your other social media sites while you’re at it.

Here is a link to a great article from the Washington Post on how to clean up your Google settings.


You Are Not Safe Online
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Creative Corporate Charity — Patagonia Music Collective

Corporate charity has something of a tainted image. Is the message the company giving that they stand behind that particular issue, or are they quietly giving money to political PACS in the background that might not be in the same vein. Are their business practices in line with the marketing message? After the bombs being thrown at Apple about their Chinese factory standards many companies must be taking a closer look at that issue.

However, many corporations have built their corporate story around their culture of giving and it seeps into all aspects of their marketing as well. Patagonia is one of those companies. I’m always inspired by their beautiful campaigns, continued use of amazing photography and consistent message. And, as I’m always looking for new musical inspiration, I was pleased to find this link to another of Patagonia’s charities. Buy a song, donate the artist’s cause, all sponsored by Patagonia. Pretty creative.

Check it out. Sample the songs. You might not have a big wad of cash to send out to your favorite cause, but I bet you have a dollar or two you can spare. Get a great song, give a little too.

Patagonia Music Benefit

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